Time to Get Personal – Why You Should Mail Strategically and Often

Direct mail is making a comeback, with a revamped approach that can provide quick, targeted marketing messages.

We’ve all experienced it before. You log on and do a little online shopping. Then, bam! The next thing you know, your social media or website ads are flooded with images of a man wearing the shirt you’ve been eyeing, or riding the lawnmower you thought about purchasing. There’s no way around it. What digital marketers have gotten good at these days is real-time, personalized messaging. But an advanced, personal approach to marketing doesn’t need to just be online, flooded with hundreds of other ads your customers are likely to ignore.

Direct mail is making a comeback, with a revamped approach that can provide quick, targeted marketing messages. And HailPost, powered by ddk marketing, can help you achieve that personal touch you’re looking for.

Are you wondering if advanced, personalized marketing is actually important? According to this article by Keleer Mail, the following statistics were found:

  • Increased personalization results in 10-20% increased engagement
  • Increased personalization leads to a 500% increase in consumer spending
  • Increased personalization leads to 50% reduced acquisition cost
  • Companies report 5-15% lift in revenues from increased personalization

So how do they recommend you go about your mailing strategy? Mail with a high frequency but lower volume. And that’s exactly the personalized marketing approach that HailPost provides.

With our programs, you are mailing to a strategic subset of the community – those who have been hit with a recent storm or have had a storm in the past year but might not have filed an insurance claim yet. By focusing on the event rather than the whole area, you’re hitting the people who need to hear from you most.

In doing this, your mail pieces are personalized with key, specific information:

  • We add the name of the customer you’re mailing to, so they feel like you’re talking to them.
  • We add the date that the storm you’re referencing happened. Adding this data point can help bring the event to the forefront of their mind. “Oh, I remember that storm! The wind sent my pool cover completely down the street!”
  • We’ll pull in storm data such as hail size or wind speed to let your customers know why this storm should make them seek out your services.

Including this information makes your customers feel like you are talking to them, rather than blasting a whole region with your messaging. And our real-time storm data makes sure that you’re always ready to be first to market if you choose to, keeping you in competition with your digital counterparts.

Direct mail is still relevant and able to compete with digital marketing. With our data and personalized messaging, the HailPost postcards are sure to increase your business this storm season!