powerful storms require powerful marketing

If a Hurricane Hits, Don’t Let a Power Outage Stall Your Business.

Your customers need to hear from you most during difficult times, such as after a hurricane hits. But modern forms of marketing can be affected by power outages and flooding, making it hard for you to let your potential customers know that you’re there to help. With HailPost, not only do we continuously scan your service area and alert you when a major storm has hit, but we enable you to send out direct mail pieces that can often reach your customer base before their power is back on to notice your competitor’s digital ads.

After its employees’ safety, the USPS says “the prompt delivery of mail and packages to affected areas becomes the focus” in an article on uspsoig.gov that can be read here. They know that because most people are without power, that means limited communication. Because mail doesn’t rely on power, letter carriers are often “the first direct contact a citizen has with another citizen.” This means they can safely deliver a message to your customers that you’re there to help pick up the pieces after a storm hits.

Last year, companies in Puerto Rico faced the challenge of communicating to their customers that they were back in business after Hurricane Maria hit. Adele Cehrs, Founder and CEO of Epic PR Group, was asked to give a workshop in Puerto Rico on how to relay this message after a major storm. In an article originally posted on Inc.com that can be read here, Adele sites direct mail as one of the most effective forms of marketing after a storm due to their engaging nature that gives you creative options for ways to draw your customer in to your business.

With HailPost, you can be updated in real time when a storm hits and send out engaging direct mail pieces that reach your customer’s homes before you even reach the area. In a time where communication is crucial, don’t let your marketing dollars be contingent on electricity. Complete the free sign up for HailPost today and be prepared for your next storm.