Out with the new, in with the old

Why direct mail marketing is still effective in today’s online world.

In today’s world of email marketing, SEO strategy, and pay-per-click advertising, it’s easy to overlook the old school method of direct mail marketing. But the truth is, the over saturation of digital marketing is exactly why you should consider thinking outside the box. Or rather, inside the mailbox.

In an article written by Digital Wavefront that can be read here, they examine 5 reasons why direct mail is an effective marketing tool. All 5 reasons why direct mail is still effective can be showcased in the direct marketing programs that HailPost offers to our business partners.

1 – It’s personal

Each direct mail piece can be customized with your branded business information, unique messaging, and names of the prospective customer you are mailing to. This makes the messaging feel more like a special offer for them, rather than a sales pitch.

2 – It’s targeted

We know that every area is unique. Whether you’re interested in a time sensitive trigger mailing, or you’re just wanting to remind your customers that you’re there to help, HailPost combines our direct mail expertise with the patented storm tracking data of HailStrike to target the households most likely to respond to your message.

3 – It’s accountable

We know direct mail works because you can track it. Feel confident in where you are spending your marketing dollars by watching exactly how many of your mailers turn in to sales.

4 – It’s integrated

Use the mail piece as brand recall for all your other forms of marketing. Tweet a teaser to let your customers know that a special offer is being mailed to them. Announce on the radio as a reminder to take you up on your mailing offer. Use the mailer as a warm lead for calling customers. The possibilities are endless!

5 – It’s tangible

In today’s world of intangible web-based marketing, using a tangible mail piece can help set you apart. Include coupons, tear off cards with information you want them to remember, QR codes that integrate with your social marketing, or anything else that you can’t offer in the online space. This is your chance to get your message right in your customer’s hands.

Direct mail can seem outdated in a tech-driven world, but as with all trends it’s making a comeback. And rightfully so. Using the power of targeted direct mail marketing can increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to all your online mediums, and help make your customers feel as though you’re talking to them personally.

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