Omnichannel Marketing – Why Direct Mail Marketing is Crucial to Your Business in 2019

As a direct mail company, we would love to tell you that direct mail should be your only marketing strategy going in to 2019. However, living in the digital age, we know that utilizing only one marketing channel won’t yield nearly the results of combining mail with digital marketing. Instead, we advocate for direct mail to be a part of a comprehensive approach to marketing, often referred to as an omnichannel (or multi-channel) approach. With omnichannel marketing, you’re hitting potential customers on all fronts – email, direct mail, social media, even billboards. This approach gives you more chances to get your message across and, ultimately, leads to more sales. Sounds like a win-win, right? So where exactly does direct mail fit in to this strategy?

The good news? Direct mail can fit in to any stage of your marketing campaign according to this article written by Summer Gould of Target Marketing.

-Beginning of a campaign: Use ddk direct mail campaigns to let your customers know you added a new service or that you have a special offer coming up. Whenever you’re ready to kick off a new campaign, direct mail is a great first touch point to give your business warm leads to call on.

-In the middle of a campaign: Maybe you’ve already used other forms of marketing, but you want to remind your customers that they saw your commercial or heard your jingle on the radio. ddk’s direct mail campaigns can be a great way to remind customers of who you are.

-Wrapping up a campaign: Only one week left of a special offer and still not seeing the results you want? Use our direct mail marketing campaigns to remind your customers that the promotion they saw on Facebook or in an email is time sensitive.

And the best part of direct mail marketing – we can track it. Play around with where best to use direct mail in your marketing campaigns and have us tell you where you see the best response rate. We’ll help suggest adjustments or reinforce that you’re doing just fine!