How to Market Your Roofing Business in the Winter

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Turn Your Sales Cold, Too.

Wile the winter months are not typically when homeowners may think to get the roofs inspected or fixed, the colder season doesn’t have to stop your sales. How you market your business in the down time can set you apart from the competition and start your year off in the direction of success. With HailPost, we can help remind the customers in your area that just because the temperature has decreased, their need for your services has not.

This article, written by Michelle Mittelman of AccuLynx, details out the best practices for roofers during the winter off-season. Knowing the best practices is step one to your winter success, and HailPost can help you execute them.

Extending your business season: winter roofing consulting. Mittelman points out that “snow and ice can do as much damage to residential roofs as rain and hail.” If homeowners are susceptible to damage in the winter season, and you have the capability to do business during this time, your customers should hear form you! Direct mail pieces from HailPost are an efficient way to educate your area on ways they can use your services during the winter months. Do you specialize in damaging snow or ice removal? Do you do consulting to educate the community on the dangers of winter storms to their roofs? Do you help inspect shingles after homeowners apply their potentially damaging winter treatments? Our mail pieces allow you to tell your community that you’re there and provide them with a list of your services or a special winter offer. It’s likely that your customers are overlooking the importance of roof maintenance during the winter months, so it’s important to gently remind them that you’re there to help.

Don’t let your past customers forget about you. In the same vain, while it’s important to engage a broad audience to find new clients in the winter months, it’s equally important to remind your past customers that you’re still around. Consider using a HailPost direct mail piece to provide a new-year offering to your past customers. Or send them an educational mailer on what they can do to protect their roof during the winter. This provides extra value that will keep them thinking of you when they need services in the future.

Understand your business performance. How did your previous year or marketing campaigns perform? What areas are down times for you? Can they be improved by higher customer engagement? HailPost can help. If you do mailings with us, we can track your successes and work with you to make recommendations of when to market more heavily.

Evaluate your goals for the next year. With HailPost, we do more than just mail your direct marketing pieces. We’re you’re full service partner. You’ll have a dedicated account manager that can help discuss your marketing strategy and help you increase your brand awareness.

The winter months often take a toll on industries that are predominately outside. With strategic marketing, you can keep your sales going in the down months and properly set yourself up to maintain sales all year long. With HailPost, we’re here to help you have a steady marketing presence all year long.