Could These Marketing Oversights Be Costing You Business?

Common Direct Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When it comes to finding new customers, the small things can make the biggest impact. As a business owner, it is often difficult to know all the elements that play in to a potential customer’s decision to use your services. To help make the most of your direct marketing campaigns, it’s important to have a marketing partner who will focus on the small details for you. This article written by Aaron O’Hanlon of Footbridge Media details 5 common mistakes that contractors often make with their direct mail marketing campaigns. At HailPost, our focus is to help you avoid these, so you can focus on your business.


  1. Your logo is the biggest image on the piece. While brand recognition is important, the customer needs to know why they should use your services over any other company. We’ve created engaging postcard designs that are designed to catch the attention of your prospective customers while still incorporating your personal brand.
  2. Cramming all your services in to one piece. With HailPost, you have the option of mailing, and then remailing, customers affected by storms. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your imaging and message for each mail piece. Send out a first touch letting them know that you’re there to help and then re-mail them with a separate message to remind them of why they should use you.
  3. Your mailing list is too broad. With HailPost, we focus on hitting only the households that are most likely affected by damaging hail or wind storms, so no mail is wasted.
  4. Typos and errors. You’ve already got enough to focus on while running a business without having to be in the business of proofreading. Our in-house graphics team takes care of the content creation of your postcard, ensuring that no errors or misspellings are ever present.
  5. No call to action. We’ve already thought ahead! We’ve incorporated storm data with call to actions on our postcard designs, so your customers know exactly why they should be coming to you for their contracting needs. Our online portal allows you to brows available artwork options and select the imagery or messaging that works best for your business needs.

At HailPost, we’re backed by the marketing expertise of ddk marketing. With years of experience in direct mail campaigns, we’re here to be your marketing partner every step of the way. Our account management and graphics teams are at your disposal to help make the most out of your marketing dollars.